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Northern Lights Christian Riders

Edmonton Chapter


Christian Motorcyclists Association



    About NLCR   

Northern Lights Christian Riders was formed in 1993 and is the Edmonton Chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association.  


If you are a Christian, and are a motorcycle enthusiast, then we would like to get to know you, and provide an avenue of ministry that perhaps you have not considered in the past. If you are not a Christian, but are seeking, and interested, we’d be happy to come along side and help you out. We are motorcyclists who also happen to be Christians, and can perhaps answer some of those puzzling questions that life throws our way. Chances are, one of us has been where you are and can provide a different perspective based on our experience. In either event, come join us on any of the rides you see listed on this site.

Christian Motorcyclists Association

The Christian Motorcyclists Association is not a riding club but a ministry. Our Ministry Team program is designed to make ministers of our members. We are involved in motorcycling events all across Canada. Our Seasons of Refreshing conferences, conducted by our CMA staff evangelist, prepare our members for ministry in the coming rally season. We are part of CMA international; more information about CMA around the world is available at


The Christian Motorcyclists Association of Canada is a registered Canadian charity comprised of an inter-denominational group of Christians who ride motorcycles. It is our mission to:


  • Encourage and conduct, among motorcyclists, public worship, ministry and Christian Evangelistic Crusades, whenever and wherever possible.

  • Proclaim and teach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Encourage Christian fellowship among motorcyclists.

  • Improve the image of persons engaged in motorcycling.

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